Dealing with the Side Effect of Breast Cancer Radiation

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The radiation therapy usually using the high power of X Ray to kill the cancer cells. So, it may cause of side effects of radiation for breast cancer, and some peoples having a hard time with those effects. This is become the common therapy for breast cancer treatment. This radiation can be aimed at the location of tumor, the chest wall and the lymph nodes as well. it try to stop the cancer from spreading it andreduce the risk of recurrence.

The treatment of external radiation is usually given about five times in a week, during five to even weeks. The newer approach will give the larger doss for radiation during 3 weeks. However, some peoples were able to tolerate this radiation well.  However, there are some treatments of radiations for breast cancer based on your doctor’s recommendation.

Several types of treatment for breast cancer

  1. The external beam radiation

This radiation becomes the very common used for breast cancer treatment. The machine outside your body had aimed the beam of radiation in the location which affected with this disease.

  1. Brachytherapy

This brachytherapy will deliver the radiation for the cancer through something that implanted inside our body. This procedure was using the tiny piece from the radioactive materials which placed on surrounding the tumor’s location.

You doctor may recommend you to get radiation after the lumpectomy or surgery of removing tumor t reduce the possibility the occurrence of cancer in the breast. You may need the radiation t treat several symptoms of cancer in advanced level. The treatment usually starts after several weeks of surgery, so your body will have time to heal.

side effects of radiation for breast cancer

What are the effects of breast cancer radiation?

Because of radiation had aimed for the certain area from your body, the radiation tea will spend much time on marking for your first treatment. This is to ensure that the radiation hit the correct location and using the small ink to make mark in your skin. This mark usually tattooed in your skin permanently. It will spend several months and years to make your skin get normal if you had darker color in your radiation’s location. In some cases, the color change in skin was permanently. Radiation can cause some damage of nerve which resulting the numbness and pains.  However side effects of radiation for breast cancer may different for each individual.

Several tips to reduce your skin reactions

  1. You can clean that area gently using the warm water ad mild soap. Do not rub your skin and you need to tap and rinse with the soft towel. The other option, you can use hair dryer with cool setting.
  2. You should not stretch or rubbing that treated area.
  3. Do not apply any cream, powder or lotion for treated area, except had been prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Only using electric blade if you need to shave that area.

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