Does the Baby Powder can Cause the Ovarian Cancer

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There are a lot of questions about does Johnson Baby Powder cause cancer? Or ovarian cancer? As we know that some woman’s may use the baby powder to drier their most intimate area. You ever hear that Renton, N.J for the third time, the Johnson & Johnson had been hit with the multimillion dollars of jury verdict whether their baby powder was vausing the ovarian cancer when it applied routine for the feminine hygiene on November, 4 , 2016.

The St. Louis jury was awarded $70.1 million for Deborah Giannecchini who had been diagnose with the ovarian cancer in 2012. Giannecchin said that she had been used the Johnson Baby Powder during over than 40 years to keep her dry genital area, as some woman’s do. She blamed it for her cancer and accusing the negligence from J&J .however, the J&J states that there is no reliable evidence that this talc was able to cause the ovarian cancer, a disease which relatively rate. The J7J stated that their products were safe. However, we should note that the cancer cells cause by several source, even the genetic change which had derived by our parents.

So, what is talc?

Talc is the mineral which had been mined from the deposits in around the world, including of United State. This is becomes the softest mineral, then it had crushed become the white powder. This talc also had been widely used for the cosmetic and the other personal care to absorb the moisture since 1894, when Johnson Baby Powder had been launched. However, it is used for the variety products as well, such as: plastic and paint.

Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer

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Does it able to cause ovarian cancer?

This is also become the most question, however, there is no exact answer. Finding the cancer’s cause was difficult. This is become the unethical to do this kind of study, asking some individuals to use the talc and waits to see whether it can cause the cancer, while comparing with the other individuals who do not use it.

Several factors which had been known increasing the risk of women to get ovarian cancer was including of obesity, age, using the estrogen therapy after menopause, genetic mutation, personal history from family and more. So there are variety reasons which able causing the cancer, especially ovarian cancer.

How is the result of research?

There are biggest prospective studies which had found the correlation between talc that had applied for genitals and the ovarian cancer. We can look back the studies which over than three decades and most of them found that there is slightly connection about 20%-40% increased risk within the talc users.

This is not mean that the talc cause the cancer. Some factors which unlikely and there is not exact prove that does not interact with the cells or chemicals was able to travel in reproductive line, entering the ovaries then cause the cancer. The question about does Johnson Baby Powder cause cancer, should be observed deeper.

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