Has Anyone Ever Survived Stage 4 Lung Cancer?

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Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? This question may appear when we talk about stage 4 lung cancer. Lung cancer can be suffered by people who like smoking so much. But, other factor can also cause lung cancer. Stage 4 lung cancer patients usually feel hopeless and think that they can’t survive. The question is, has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer? Read the information below to know the answer.

Understanding Lung Cancer

Lung cancer usually suffered by men because men usually like smoking. As we know that the main factor that cause lung cancer is smoking. Smoking is dangerous activity that will cause lung cancer because cigarette contains so much dangerous substance. And then, dangerous substance of cigarette will attack lung and cause lung cancer.

Now, let’s we talk about stage 4 lung cancer. It is stage where the patient has severe lung cancer. In the earlier stage, the condition of patient’s lung can be helped by doing surgery. But in stage IV, the condition of lung is so severe. It means surgery can’t be done.

There are so many symptoms of stage IV lung cancer. Even, the early symptoms of lung cancer can’t be identified. Some lung cancer patients can’t feel anything, and then they find that there is stage IV cancer in their lung. So, be careful if you find stage IV lung cancer symptoms. The symptoms are loss of weight, tiredness, bleeding cough, difficulty breath, pain on the bones, pain on the chest, and many more.
Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer

The Factors that Influence Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patients to Survive

Patients who suffer stage IV lung cancer usually feel so desperate and hopeless. Well, suffering stage 4 lung cancer doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to survive. Actually, there are some factors that will make you survive or not. Here are the factors you have to know:

  • Condition of Cancer

Every cancer patient has different condition. If the cancer in their lung has not spread in many area of lung, it means the patient can be helped and has time to survive.

  • Age

Age also influences cancer patient. If you suffer lung cancer when you are young, it means you will be able to survive longer.

  • Gender

Lung cancer commonly suffered by men, but it doesn’t mean that woman can’t suffer this disease. If woman suffer lung cancer, she will have higher chance to survive than man.

  • Condition of Patient

If the patients have other disease when they suffer lung cancer, they may not survive. But if their condition is well, they will have chance to survive longer.

  • Respond to Medication

Lung cancer patient should receive various medications. If lung cancer patients has positive or good respond to medication, they will have chance to survive.

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Well, those are some information for you about stage IV lung cancer and also some factors that influence lung cancer patient survive. Finally, hopefully the information about has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer above will be useful for you.

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