How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed? Better Early than Sorry!

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All women must have a full awareness of her body. You are responsible to take a great care of your body. It is important to always report any abnormal feelings within your body, especially around the breasts area. The increasing number of breast cancer cases has dramatically increased for the past decade. It has become one of the leading cause of premature death in women around the world. To prevent breast cancer there are a lot of things for you, women all over the world, to find out. Women need to be aware on the symptoms of breast cancer. Let’s find out how is breast cancer diagnosed here!

How is breast cancer diagnosed? Where to start? Detecting from home

Some believe that drinking too much alcohol caused the serious disease, others consider wearing daily deodorant and consuming too much caffeine also lead to breast cancer. Despite some experts believe that breast cancer is a hereditary disease, however no one really know on the exact cause of breast cancer. An early detection of breast cancer is needed for each woman. Evaluating an abnormality, either a lump or excruciating pain, around your breasts area is the first step of detection. If you experience any of these symptoms, such as thickening of the breast or nipple skin, dimpling around the breast area, swelling and redness, an unusual change in breast shape and size, it is recommended for you to visit your doctor and get it checked out.

How is breast cancer diagnosed: Oh, no, I have a symptom! What to do next?

When you experience any of the symptom above, first thing to do is do not panic. Take a deep breath and go to your doctor for further screening. It might not be nothing because not all lumps are cancer, it could be something else. When you go to your doctor, make sure you ask for a screening mammography or breast ultrasound. Those two medical techniques are the two most efficient for an early detection of breast cancer. A mammogram is a machine that will take an x-ray image of your breasts. There is no special preparation to get a mammogram, just simply ask your doctor to schedule one for you.

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed

How is breast cancer diagnosed? Do I have breast cancer or not? One way to find out

Once you have done all the preliminary screening either through mammography or other medical methods, you may need to wait ranging from a few days to a couple of week for the results from your doctor. Don’t be stressed out about it too much, you may be fine even if your doctor diagnosed you positive with cancer, there have already been a lot of advanced medical treatments made available worldwide. Since it is an early detection, this means you have a good chance of successful treatment. That is a great news for everybody! However, you still need to follow up to your doctor to choose a treatment plan. Treatment plan for breast cancer, including removal surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiotherapy treatment. Now you know how is breast cancer diagnosed, so, don’t worry too much and get it checked at the soonest!

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