Is Pellet Stool Colon Cancer Able to Detect That Cancer Earlier?

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Pellet stool colon cancer is often to be a tool or medium to recognize the disease or abnormal situation and condition to your body especially colon area. You may rarely concern on the shape and color of your feces. Your feces have different colors like green, yellow, pale, dark, red, and sometimes more liquid. Though it looks disgusting, looking at feces carefully is helpful to recognize something wrong and abnormal to the changes of your body. Even, you can detect the condition of your belly and stomach. Pellet stool is a feces color category to know the quality of faces and condition of vital organ whether it has a problem or not.

What Is the Normal Faces?

When you have a problem in colon, surely you will feel it. This surely becomes a light or serious disease. Pallet stool even is often used to detect colon cancer. A normal color certainly gives a normal colon movement. The colon should process essence, foods, and drinks into normal faces. The feces should be gentle, shaping, and have brown color. The removing process of faces must be relaxed or have no uncomforting. The consistency of faces is like toothpaste and looks like a banana than a pencil. Sometimes, it smells bad, or good. It has no mucus or blood in the toilet.  Normal faces usually get floating or sinking. Faces tend to be lighter having more fibers. Meanwhile, sinking feces show that you get sufficient fiber – foods.

The Categories of Pellet Stool Colon Cancer

To recognize the detection of colon cancer using pellet stool, you can know some categories of pellet stool colon cancer. Here are some stools for colon cancer and condition of your faces.

Pellet stool colon cancer

Pale Stool

Feces usually have brown color and can be influenced by what food you eat. Bright feces like grey, white, and pale color are regarded to be abnormal. It often happens due to bile salt giving typical brown color. If there is a decrease of bile flow, it is caused by your condition influencing your heart and pancreas. It makes you faces pale. You must be careful to the pale stool.

Floating Stool

Floating stool is sometimes not worried about it. If you see the feces floating consistently, it may become a sign that you don’t absorb oil correctly. The type of the feces is called as steatorrhea. The floating stool is possibly caused by the excess of gas.

Green Stool

Looking at green stool is annoying and alarming. But there are some common reasons why it can happen.

Mucus in Stool

Though it has mucus in the stool, it is a common condition. White mucus or yellow may show the irritation of colon and become an early symptom of disease. You need to know the causes of mucus in the stool.

Pellet Stool

Pellet stool is faces coming out in the form of round small ball. This is caused by the lack of food fibers forming special gel in colon. You need to know the condition of pellet stool whether it causes colon cancer or not. The other types of stool include yellow, brown, and dark stool. Those are some categories of pellet stool colon cancer.

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