Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy: When and What to Expect?

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The risks of developing cancer cells inside your body is unpredictable. Cancer cells can develop in almost any part of your body. This may due to the defects or mutation of your genes in regards to cell division. Those abnormal cell mutations are build up over the years, however it is still yet to be clear on the exact cause and what trigger such cells to be deadly. Some researchers may argue that cancer cells are triggered by viral infection, unhealthy diet and lifestyles, and an exposure to harmful chemical, as well as radioactive materials. When we talk about cancer, we might worry about our survival rate. To investigate further into cancer survival rate, let’s talk about a specific case of stomach cancer life expectancy.

Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy: Survival rate on stomach cancer

Doctors are often referring to life expectancy as a standard way of discussing a patient’s diagnosis. Some patients might not think that life expectancy matters and find it helpful, but many of those suffering from stomach cancer are curious on how much time left for them to fight the awful illness. The life expectancy of stomach cancer has been widely believed by doctors to be 5 years. This survival rate refers to the percentage of people who suffered stomach cancer to live at least 5 years after they are being diagnosed with the disease.

Indeed, some of the lucky ones survived to live longer than 5 years, or they even may be cured, however some passed away within that timeline. Survival rate also depend on each patient case. You may not predict how long you have left, there are many factors contributing to the survival rate of stomach cancer patients. The speed of cancer cell growth and location of the rogue cell, as well as how well the patients respond to the treatments are a few contributing factors of the length of survival rate. Moreover, untreated patients would expect shorter life expectancy. Therefore, it is crucial to have an early treatment plan for your illness.

Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy

Stomach Cancer Life ExpectancySurvival rate according to the stage

Life expectancy in stomach cancer can be broken down based on your stomach cancer growth stage. It has been agreed upon by experts that the higher your cancer stage is, the lower survival rate you will experience. If you have an early cancer detection at stage 1, statistic shown a promising more than 80 percent 5 years’ survival rate.

However, the rate slightly drops to 60 percent when your cancer spread into the stage 2. It gotten worse in the stage three, where more than 25 percent of people will survive for 5 years or more after they have been diagnosed. Unfortunately, by entering the most severe stage, your life expectancy drops to only 5 percent. Despite the short-lived stomach cancer life expectancy of only 5 years, this does not necessarily have to discourage you to seek the best medical treatment. Since the rapid advancement of medical treatment for the past 30 years, there is still hope to cure your illness.

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