Stomach Cancer – What are the Symptoms of Stomach Cancer?

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What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? Well there are several symptoms that could indicate about this illness. Most people that experience stomach cancer in early stage do not have any symptoms appear. In other case, a patient that infected with stomach cancer was mistaken the symptoms for stomach virus in general. And it could lead to bad situation.

Since the symptoms of stomach cancer are not that clear, the illness could reach the worrying stages even before the doctor makes the diagnosis. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is important for you to talk to the doctor once you feel something wrong with your body especially if something messed up with your stomach. It could be the sign or symptoms of stomach cancer though.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? – The symptoms of stomach cancer

There are several common symptoms. But sadly, some people always mistake it as usual stomach virus. So, here we are going to explain several symptoms of stomach cancer that commonly hit the people.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer

  • Extreme weight loss. People that experience stomach cancer lost their appetite without reason. They lose weight extremely and it is kind of unexplainable condition.
  • Stomach pain. The pain is commonly like the discomfort on the abdominal. The other part that could feel the pain is the abdomen right above the navel. If you feel the pain, you better talk to the doctor soon. Other than that, there might be swelling in the abdomen that or also fluid build-up in the same area.
  • Feeling full. Most of patient with stomach cancer get the feeling full especially in the upper abdomen after snacking or eating light meals.
  • The other signs of stomach cancer are such as heartburn, indigestion, and something like ulcer. It is important to be aware.
  • Nausea and vomiting. As we have said earlier, the signs do not seem like the stomach cancer symptoms. But if the nausea and vomiting happen over and over again, especially there is blood in it, it is better to talk to the doctor soon.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? – Risk factors

In general there are 4 factors that could make someone develops the stomach cancer. The factors are such as age (over 55), gender (mostly men), race (Caucasians and African-American), and region (areas which the foods preserved by pickling, salting, smoking, and drying. People that are obesity could be also linked to stomach cancer. Other than that, genetics play a role in this kind of cancer.

Lifestyle also counts as something that shapes human’s health condition. Smokers, especially cigarette smoking, are linked to many cancer types. Stomach cancer is one of the types. The fault in diet could lead to this disease too. It is important to eat fresh fruit and veggies or fresh foods that properly refrigerated. Other than that, people that work at metal, coal, or rubber industries have higher risk than the others. After reading this article, you better know and understand about “what are the symptoms of stomach cancer”.

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