Brain Tumor: What Causes Brain Cancer

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What causes brain cancer will be explained through this article. Theoretically, the brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells that stay in the brain. Brain tumors could be malignant (tend to be cancer) or just benign. But still, there is a pretty limited space in the human’s skull. So, no matter what kind of tumor that stays in your brain, it could interfere with the main function of both the brain and the body. Brain tumor can hugely destroy the cells of the brain, boost the inflammation, and push the pressure in the brain.

Before the cancer occurs, a primary tumor would start in the brain. But if the cancer cell comes from the other part of your body then it is called as the secondary tumor or metastatic brain tumor. The most common brain tumors are the secondary brain tumor. By all the tumors that are secondary are definitely malignant.

What causes brain cancer? – The cause

Until today, the doctors still do not know about the main cause of primary tumors in the brain. But actually there are several risk factors that are already identified and should be your concern too.

  • Several genetic diseases could put a person at high risk of brain tumor. The diseases are such as Turcot syndrome (a disease due to polyp and abnormal cels) and neurofibromatosis (genetic disorder).
  • Radiation treatments that used for treating the brain cancer could put a person in developing brain tumor.

What causes brain cancer

It can be touted if there is no proof about the cell phone use could lead to brain cancer. The National Cancer Institute states that even though the cell phone use already increased pretty significant from 1992 until 2008, the glioma incidence has not seemed significantly rise during 16 years. But the other researchers continue the study. It takes 10 years or longer for the manifest of brain tumor. So it requires studies with long-term commitment. In other hand, several European studies shown a bit greater risk of brain tumor with cell phone use in heavy frequency.

What causes brain cancer? – The symptoms

The symptoms of brain tumors are varied significantly. Basically, the symptoms depend on the location and size of the tumor itself, the number of swelling caused by the tumor, and also if the tumor is spread to other location. But here are several common symptoms of brain tumor, such as:

  • Changes in cognitive such as confusion, memory loss, and disorientation.
  • Severe headache that commonly occurs when you are sleeping, after waking up, or due to incidental physical movement just like coughing.
  • Convulsions
  • Weakness on the face, limbs, or certain side of the body.
  • Trouble at walking.
  • Difficulty at talking, writing, reading, or elaborating the speech of other people.
  • Changes at the sensing such as taste, hearing, smell, and vision.
  • Problems and controlling bladders.
  • Mood changes, personality changes, and behavior changes.

If you feel something wrong with your body, it is better to immediately talk to the doctor so there will be proper action to get to know about your condition. It is serious when talking about what causes brain cancer.

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