What Does Hospice Do For Cancer Patients?

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What does hospice do for cancer patients? This question may appear when we talk about the role of hospice for cancer patients. Nowadays, we can meet so many cancer patients which are on the last stage of their cancer. For cancer patients, hospice is very useful because they can receive comfortable care when the hospital can’t give it to them. If you want to know more about what does hospice do for cancer patients, you can read the information below.

What Does Hospice Do for Cancer Patients? Giving Medication and Support

As mentioned before, hospice will give comfortable care for cancer patients who are on stage IV. As we know that stage IV cancer means there is no big chance to be better. But, it doesn’t mean patient with stage IV cancer can’t get happiness and high quality of life. Hospice will help patients to feel more comfortable in their last days. Hospice is also solution for family whose family member has stage 4 cancer. By using the service of hospice, they can give their family member the best care to make their family member feels better and comfortable.

Hospice offers various services, and every service will make cancer patients feel more comfortable. Hospice team consists of a physician, nurse, social worker, hospice aide, chaplain, bereavement specialist and volunteer. The team works by offering the services below:

  • Pain Management and Symptoms

We know that cancer patient will suffer various pains and symptoms. Hospice team will give the cancer patient medication and makeethe patient free of pain. When it happens, patient will be able to enjoy their life. Hospice can also provide 24 hour care for cancer patient to control the health of cancer patients.

  • Emotional and Spiritual Assistance

It is other service of hospice. Hospice will give spiritual and emotional support to cancer patient. As we know that cancer patient usually feel hopeless when their cancer is on last stage. But, hospice will give them support and make them free of uncomfortable feeling. So, the patient will feel so peace and comfortable although there is no big chance to survive.

what does hospice do for cancer patient

Does Hospice Make Cancer Patient Live Longer?

Some people think that hospice can make patient live longer because hospice team also give medication for cancer patient. Actually, hospice always does better treatment and medication to cancer patient, but it just for making the patient feels comfortable, not for making the cancer loss from their body.

As we know that cancer patients who use hospice service is patient whose disease can’t be handled by hospital medication. But, hospice will lower uncomfortable feeling that usually felt by patient. When patients feel happy and comfortable, it will make the patient feel better. And then, it may make them survive and can live longer. Sometime, patients feel so stress in hospital, and it makes their condition worse. But when they receive service from hospice, they will feel comfortable and enjoy their life. Sometime it makes patients feel  better and want to survive longer.

Well, those are some information for you about hospice and also the services of hospice. Hopefully the information about what does hospice do for cancer patients above will be helpful for you.

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