Cause and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

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Some of colon cancer symptoms were caused by something which is not cancer, such as: hemorrhoids, infection, inflammatory bower disease and irritate of bowel syndrome. In many cases, peoples who have these symptoms do not have cancer. However, if you have this problems, it can be sign that you should see the doctor to know the cause and treated as well. Therefore, you may wonder about what are symptoms of colon cancer.

There are several symptoms of colon cancer :

– The dark stool or there is blood in the stool.

– The change of bowel habits, such as: the narrowing of stool, diarrhea, constipation which at least for few days.

– The feeling that you should need bowel movement which is not relieve.

– The rectal bleeding.

– Get unintended of weight loss.

– Cramping or getting stomach pain.

– Weakness and fatigue.

When the colon cancer was turn out to be that cause, these symptoms may often appear only after the cancer had been grown or spread out. This is why you need to get test for colon cancer before you having any symptoms was become your best option. The colon cancer can be found by screening and the testing also can be done for peoples who do not have any symptoms. Screening was able to prevent some of colon cancers by finding then removing the pre cancerous getting growth that called as polyps.

What Are Symptoms Of Colon Cancers

What are causes of colon cancer?

In many case, there is no clear explanation about what exact cause of colon cancer. Doctors will know that there is colon cancer when the normal cells inside the colon were developing into errors inside their DNA. The healthy cells grow and dividing in the orderly way to keep you body get normal function. But when the cells of DNA were broken and become cancer, those cells will keep dividing, even new cells were not need. As the cells were in bulks, they will form a tumor. With the time, the cancer cells were able to grow and attack then destroy the surround normal tissues. In fact, cancer cells also able to travel onto other part of body.

What Are the signs Of Colon Cancer

How do they know that this is a colon cancer?

If your doctor found something suspicious in your screening test, or if you have one or more those symptoms which related with colon cancer, you doctor may recommend you to get advance exam and test to find the cause. Your doctor will need your complete medical history to check the symptoms and risk factors, including your family history, as some 1 of 5 peoples who develop the colon cancer were having other family members who had it. Having the other colon problems were also able to improve the risk factors. This is also including of pre cancerous polyps, hereditary syndrome, ulcerative colitis and more. Even having type 2 of diabetes was also able to increase the risk. So, this is better to call your doctor for advance explanation.

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