Free Wigs for Cancer Patients in America

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Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy will experience total hair loss. These conditions can lower the confidence of patients with cancer. The problem that often arises is the patient and families choose to use headgear such as hoods and caps instead of using a wig on cost grounds. As you know, the price of a wig is relatively more expensive when compared to the price caps or hoods. This is often the bane of a cancer patient to wear a wig. In the United States, the number of cancer patients is increasing from year to year. It sparks the formation of organizations that offer help for cancer sufferers, including providing free wigs for cancer in America.

Where to find the free wigs?

Patients with cancer in the United States arguably quite lucky because a lot of organizations and people who are committed to providing assistance to people with cancer. These organizations provide a lot of convenience for the patients and their families to be able to get free wigs for cancer. Patients and families can easily reach these organizations through the internet, hospitals and social services. Here are some organizations that can help you to get free wigs in America:

  1. ACS

ACS or American Cancer Society is widely known as a non-profit organization that helps giving free wigs through the ASC Wig Banks. ASC works with the church to facilitate people who want to donate.

  1. CancerCare

CancerCare is a national organization engaged in advocacy and provides support for cancer patients in the United States including offering free wigs for patients with cancer.

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients canada

  1. Friends By Your Side

This is a collaboration of stylish and saloons to provide free wigs and style for people with cancer. Martino Cartier, the founder of the organization said that people with cancer are must be pretty and stylish. “Beauty outside, healthy inside”, he said.

  1. EBeauty

EBeauty is an organization that focuses on women with cancer. This organization’s site uses a virtual look to ease the patient to find a suitable preferred hairstyle.

  1. CWHL

Children with Hair Loss is an organization that offers free wigs for children with cancer or hair loss due to other specific causes. To get the wig from CWHL, parents of patients only need to send the birth certificate that shows that the child is under the age of 21 years.

Each of these organizations has a chapter that has spread to almost the entire United States. Their actions are now followed by similar organizations in other countries.

Free Wigs for Cancer Patients in india

Cancer patients should be confident

Cancer patients are already burdened by the high cost of treatment so that they are often forced to sacrifice their appearance and style. These organizations help cancer patients with hair loss to gain their confidence back. In addition to the support and treatment, appearance is very important for cancer patients. Hair loss will reduce the confidence and give traumatic impact for cancer patients who want to do chemotherapy. Free wigs for cancer will be able to help them to stay fabulous during the treatment process.

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