How Do You Get Mesothelioma

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The question “how do you get mesothelioma” is a common question asked by people to the patient since they don’t know what is it. Actually, mesothelioma is kind of mesothelium cancer, membrane that protect most of internal organs of body.  It commonly starts from the pleural mesothelium, which is located in the chest cavity. However, it may begin around the heart and in the abdominal cavity.

The exposure of asbestos is the main risk factor that is proven to be the cause of mesothelioma. Asbestos is kind of natural mineral which does not burn. It has microscopic fibers which are thin in size. They are resistant to chemicals and heat. They are resistant to electricity. Asbestos is natural mineral and be used in the automotive, constructions, and also industries. People are likely to get exposed to asbestos because they work with asbestos-contained materials. They may be shipyard and electricians. They may also someone who are directly in contact to toxic material. Another case but rare is when someone lives near asbestos large deposits.

How Do you Get Mesothelioma : the Development

When asbestos contained in materials are loosened or disturbed, the fibers of asbestos will be released into the air. The fibers which are microscopic then ingested or inhaled by someone. The automatic system of body in removing strange or unwanted material will keep the body from the exposure of the fibers of asbestos. The body tries to remove them but instead the fibers were stuck in the mesothelium.

How Do You Get peritoneal Mesothelioma

The trapped asbestos fibers will irritate the cell of mesothelium. The irritation will cause genetic mutations resulting in the development of mesothelioma tumor. The symptom of mesothelioma or mesothelium cancer may be showed after taking 20-50 years of time. However, the symptoms are still mistakenly understood as pneumonia or common cold.

How Do you Get Mesothelioma : Statistics

Every people is at risk for mesothelioma, especially those who are exposed to asbestos directly, whether in their workplace or in their direct contact. Surprisingly, those who have more possibility to get mesothelioma are men. The ratio of men than women who are diagnosed with mesothelioma is 5 to 1. It makes sense because men are more likely to work industrial jobs, meaning that the possibility in exposing asbestos is higher. In term of age, the signs of mesothelioma commonly appear in 50 – 70 years old patients, since the symptom may be showed after 20-50 years. Nevertheless, patients with the age of 20 years old may be the victim of the cancer since they have been exposed to asbestos at a very young age.

How fast can You Get Mesothelioma

Taking Action

If you have been directly exposed to asbestos, you have to be aware of the signs which are related to the diseases asbestos-associated diseases. It may be harder to spot those symptoms especially when you have continuous breathing issues such as asthma. You have to pay attention to your health. Consider to see physicians to test your abnormalities after exposing asbestos. see a specialist if you are diagnosed with the cancer. They may help you by treating you and improving your prognosis. Understanding the information about how do you get mesothelioma will help you prevent this dangerous disease.

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