Symptoms of Breast Cancer: How Do You Know If You Have Breast Cancer?

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The essential way in keeping up your breast health was should be aware how you breast feel and look in normally, and you know about what changes that you looking for. Finding the early breast cancer give you a better chance for successful treatment as well. However, knowing what you look for can be checked by the substitute for the mammograms screening or the other test, which able to find out the breast cancer in early stage, even before some symptoms were occur. So, this is make some woman’s curious about how do you know if you have breast cancer.

So, what is breast cancer?

Breast cancer was start from the breast cells which begin grow out of control. These cells usually create a tumor which often seen in x-ray or feel like as a lump. The tumor was malignant (cancer), if cells were able to grow into invade surround the tissues or spreading (metastize) into the parts areas of the body. The breast cancer almost occurs in entirely woman, but men also able to get chance of breast cancer as well. Cells in any parts of body were able become cancer and able to spread out into other area of body.

What are symptoms of breast cancer?

– A lump in breast

A lump or mass on the breast were the common symptom of breast cancer. That lumps were often hard and painful, however, some of them were painless as well. But, you should note that not all of lumps were cancer. There are some of benign breast condition, such as cysts which also able to cause a lump as well. However, this is important to always getting check with you doctor if you find new lumps or mass. If they turn into cancer, the sooner diagnose was better.

– Swelling around your breast, armpit and collarbone

Swelling breast can cause by inflammatory of breast cancer, this is particularly aggressive from the disease. The swelling or lump around the collarbone or armpit can be caused by breast cancer that had spread around the lumpy nodes in those areas as well. This swelling might occur even you before feel the lump in your breast. So, if you have this symptom, ensure to see your doctor.

How Do You Know If You Have Breast Cancer pictures

– Getting redness and thickening in skin

If you breast skin was start feel like the orange peels or getting redness, you should check it soon. Often, this condition was caused by mastitis, the breast infection that berry common for women who are breast feeding. If this symptom does not improve during a week, however, you should get check again because they can cause by breast cancer.

–  The nipple change

Breast cancer sometime can cause the change in your nipple looks. If your nipple was turned inward, or the skin was thicken or redness, you need to check with your doctor right away. This symptom may followed by pain and incovenience. how do you know if you have breast cancer

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