The Overview of Immunotherapy for Brain Cancer

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The main goal from our body’s natural defenses was the immune system which able to protect us against the attacking from anything foreign that can be harmful. This Immunotherapy was rare heard by some people that make they wonder about what is Immunotherapy For Brain Cancer.  The Immunotherapy refers to the treatment which utilizes the immune system in order to attack the cancer. There are 2 mains for cancer Immunotherapy treatment:


  1. Vaccines

The cancer vaccines will work similar with the vaccines for infectious disease which protect us from dangerous infection, such as: diphtheria, tetanus and polio. They are consisting of protein which injected into that sensitize of immune system that against the aimed target. After successfully sensitized, the immune system will guard actively and attack those targets which invade us. The cancer vaccines try to awaken the immune system for components of cancer cells.

  1. The adoptive of cell therapies

This therapy was sophisticated treatment where the specific of immune cells had collected from patient’s blood and sensitized in the laboratory which against the proteins of targeted tumor. These sensitized cells were infused back to the patient to activate the other of immune cells inside their body to launch the successful attack for cancer. One of type this therapy was called as the CAR or Chimeric Antigen Receptor.

  1. The Immune Checkpoint

The third type of Immunotherapy was including of increasing the whole activities from immune system inside our body and was called as the immune checkpoint molecules. The immune checkpoint usually turned on whenever the immune system in our body was activated and the immune system signal to stop the reaction and helping to prevent damage of the other normal organs as well. Unfortunately, many cancers activate this immune checkpoint for their strategy to protect them by disarming immune system inside the body in the areawhere that tumor had been developed.
Immunotherapy Brain Cancer uk

What are the advantages of Immunotherapy For Brain Cancer?

The immune system in our body was very specific and only had been sensitize against the accurately defined target. As the cancer therapy, this specificity was very advantageous in order to protect the damage of normal cells inside the body. In the opposite, chemotherapy and radiation teraphy whole very lack specificity to against the dividing cells and often affect the normal cells as well.

Immunotherapy For pediatric Brain Cancer

The Immunotherapy has extra advantages which allow handling the two important obstacles which limited the effectiveness for the other cancer treatment, such as: the delivery and the heterogeneity tumor. The deliver was become big issue for brain cancer because the blood supply to the brain having protective aspect which called as the Blood Brain Barrier or BBB. The inadequate penetration from BBB has the possibility become the main factor of some drugs which failed to increase the outcome for patient. Then the Heterogeneities refer to the important differences which decide the different cells inside the tumors. These differences can be happen geographically.


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