What Are the Signs of Breast Cancer You Must Know?

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More and more people, especially women, are more alert and curious about what are the signs of breast cancer. Worldwide, breast cancer is one of the main causes of death in women. In some cases, women are not aware of their cancer in their body. Common symptoms such as a lump in the breast are often only considered trivial, left, and then only when it was too long they came to know that the lump was cancerous. Delays in breast cancer detection and treatment can result in the removal of the breast and death. This lack of knowledge, fear, and shame are the factors causing delays in the detection and treatment of breast cancer.

What is breast cancer?

In general, cancer cells can be defined as a loss of control and abnormal mechanism cells. The uncontrolled and abnormal mechanisms cause fast and abnormal growth of the cancer cells. In fact, both men and women have cancer cells on them. Cancer, especially breast cancer, is very dangerous because it attacks the breast tissue which is actually formed from a softer tissue that easily facilitates the growth and spread of the cancer. It is important for people to find what are the signs of breast cancer are.

Signs of breast cancer

  1. Lump/thickening of the skin on the breast area

Lump in the breast is one of the earliest symptoms of breast cancer. Some patients with early stage breast cancer will find a lump or thickening of the skin around the breast and armpit area. A lump or thickening on the breast is not absolute as a sign of cancer, can be anything, however, it needs to be checked soon after the symptom is found. A lump that is generally detected as a symptom of breast cancer is a lump that feels hard, painless, located at a particular spot (no change/move), often only on one breast, and discharge from the bump.
What Are the Signs of Breast Cancer coming back

  1. Shape and size changing

In many cases of breast cancer, patients experience changes in shape and size of the breast(s). Breast cancer usually effects on the shape and size that breasts become smaller or sagging.

  1. Wrinkles on the breast

Wrinkles on the skin surface of the breast could be a sign that someone has breast cancer. Breast skin surface tends to be smooth and flat, while people with cancer will have black wrinkles in certain parts of the breast.

  1. Pain

Breast pain is usually felt by many women when menstruating and later disappear after having menstrual cycle stopped, whereas breast cancer patients will experience the same pain in a relatively long time. The pain experienced by cancer patients only in certain parts of the breast.

  1. Color changing

Breast cancer is also characterized by the appearance of a reddish color in certain parts of the breast. This color change often occurs together with swelling. Colors can appear in a long time, but it can also come and go

What Are the Signs of Breast Cancer in females

Those are some signs of breast cancer should know and be aware of. Consultation and examination is the best step to find out what are the signs of breast cancer and treatment.

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