What Are the Signs of Lung Cancer

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Many people seem ignorant of what are the signs of lung cancer. Lung cancer, one of the deadliest diseases, becomes the number one cause of cancer deaths in both men and women in the U.S. and worldwide. The most dangerous thing is that it may not show any noticeable signs in the first stages. Most of diagnosis were done after the cancer was getting worse. Learn more about lung cancer signs so you can prevent it as soon as possible.

Five Early Signs of Lung Cancer

  1. Chronic cough

When you get cough which lasts for more than two weeks, you should be careful. A common cough which may be associated with infection on the respiratory system will vanish in one week or two weeks, but a linger cough can be a sign of lung cancer. whether it produces mucus or it is dry.

  1. Changes in breathing

Experiencing shortness of breath after exercising or after having exertion can be a normal thing. However, easily winded breath or breath shortness that doesn’t go away can also be possible lung cancer symptoms. When an airway is blocked by lung cancer, or if there are fluid from the tumor builds up in chest, breathe changes. Don’t ignore if you feel difficulty in breathing after doing things like climbing stairs, lift something, or performing task you could do before without having a hard time breathing.
What Are the Signs of Lung Cancer progression

  1. Chest and bone pain

Chest discomfort lasting for a month or more which is getting worse (especially when you cough or breathe in) also is a warning symptom. It may because nodes of lymph or node of metastasis which extend to the chest, the ribs, or pleura. Besides producing pain in the chest, it can also happen in shoulders or back. The cancer that has stuck to the bones may cause pain in other body areas and may worsen when resting on the back when sleeping.

  1. Voice change

You should meet the doctor if you hear focal change in your voice or if your friend say that your voice becomes hoarse or deeper. It can be caused only by a simple cold, but this sign may show something serious if it lasts for two weeks. The voice change related to lung cancer can happen when the nerve that controls the larynx or voice box is affected by tumor.

  1. Headache

When a tumor of the lung give pressure on vena cava (a big vein in which blood travel from upper body to heart), it triggers headache. The worst effect of lung cancer is that the cancer has spread to the brain.

What Are the Signs of Lung Cancer in dogs

What To Do When You Spot the Signs of Lung Cancer

Have a visit to your doctor or healthcare provider. Bring your medical records with you to help the doctor in diagnosing.  Make a note of all the medicines including supplement or herbs. List the signs you feel and note the signs that totally bother you. The wise word “prevention is better than cure” in this case can be done by knowing what are the signs of lung cancer.

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