What are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

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Many people often ask “what are the symptoms of prostate cancer?”. Prostate cancer is one of the most dangerous kinds of cancer exist in the world. Indeed, this kind of cancer only attacks men because the cancer cells grew in the prostate area. There are many known symptoms of this cancer and most of them are very noticeable. Since this kind of cancer is really life-threatening, it is better for you to seek for medical help once you find that you have any of these symptoms below. Here is the list of “what are the symptoms of prostate cancer” for you.

  1. Frequent Urination

People with prostate cancer will experience a frequent need to urinate. It often happens at night and the urination seems really urgently. If the symptom is already severe, the urination can happen more than ten times at one night alone.

  1. Difficulty in Holding Back Urination

The frequent urination will get experienced by the patient of prostate cancer. It is not the worst because the feeling will get worse by the difficulty in holding back urination. It is common in prostate cancer cases because the prostate area is interrupted by the cancer cells, causing problem in the urination process.

  1. Weak Flow of Urine

The flow of urine of a healthy man is strong and just fast. If you have prostate cancer, the flow of the urine is going to be weak and dribbling. The flow of urine is also going to be interrupted several times.
what are the symptoms of prostate cancer spreading

  1. Painful Urination

Since cancer cells are damaging the prostate, urination can cause painful feeling during urination. The painful or burning feeling seems like coming from the lower stomach and the genital area.

  1. Blood in the Urine

One of the most alarming symptoms of prostate cancer is when you find blood in the urine. When blood is found in the urine, it certainly indicates that there is something wrong with the prostate. This seems to be the most dangerous symptoms of all and when you see blood in the urine, medical help is needed as soon as possible.

  1. Difficulty in Having an Erection

Beside seen from the urination, prostate cancer’s symptoms can also be seem from the erection. If you have never been in difficulty maintaining erection and suddenly now having an erection is something almost impossible, it could be one of the symptoms of prostate cancer. However, it is also possible that the erection difficulty caused by other health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  1. Decreased Semen During Ejaculation

Normally, the amount of semen ejaculated is around a teaspoon. However, if the prostate is in trouble, the amount of semen can decrease drastically. It is nowhere near a teaspoon and it is merely several drops during each ejaculation.

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  1. Painful Ejaculation

Prostate cancer will turn ejaculation from something pleasurable into something painful. Since the prostate is not in its best condition and there are cancer cells in it, releasing semen can send a lot of pressure and pains to the prostate. When men experiencing this symptom, it is better for them to go to their doctor as soon as possible. “What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?”, now you already know that one of the answers is quite gruesome such as this painful ejaculation.

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