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What Does Stage 4 Cancer Mean – The stage of cancer was able to explain how far it had grown and spread at the time of getting diagnose. The stage was used to describe the spreading of solid tumors, such as: lung, breast or bowel. The blood cancers getting differentially behave and were staged also in different ways a well.

So, what is the cancer staging?

Staging was process to measure how far the cancer had spread out when the first time diagnosed. This is often involving several scans and other test as well. Knowing the cancer staging was important because it helps doctor to working and gives the best treatment options for patient. This is means that people who suffer with cancer can fully understand their own situation and tell their cancers that they had. There are different systems of staging for different cancers, but they generally use both: numbered cancer of stage system and TNM system.

What is the numbered system of cancer staging?

This numbered system use the stage number to identify about how far the cancer had spread out. They are:

– Stage 0 of cancer

This is also known as the in-situ cancer which means that the cancer cells were still in a place where they start and had not spread at all your body parts.
what does stage 4 cancer mean in colon cancer

– Stage 1 of cancer

This is mall and only had spread out into closer tissues. This is not spread yet into the lymph or the other parts of body.

– Stage 2 and 3 of cancer

This is means that bigger or had spread out into the tissues and any lymph.

– Stage 4 of cancer

This is often make patient frightening and wonder about what does stage 4 cancer mean, and how to be treated? This stage 4 means that they had spread into other areas inside the body. The stage 4 were also known as the metastatic cancer or the advance cancer.

what does stage 4 cancer mean in the liver

What is TNY system?

In the TNY system, there are 2 categories, including of:

T : Tumor

N : The Lymph Nodes

M : Metastases

Each of them will be categorized and given by score and along those scores will show how much far the cancer had spread out.

While you may finding out that you were in stage 4 of cancer can be so frightening and shocking that it is he essential information for doctor to know. With knowing that you were in stage 4, your doctor was able to decide about the best treatments for your best option as well. Without this important information, you might be give the treatments that your cancer will not respond for. Staging also described the level of severe how far the cancer goes based on how far the original tumor and that extent had spread inside the body. This staging was so important because this is not only help the doctor to decide the treatment, but also help the doctor to give the prognosis as well.

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