The Science of Cancer: Sign of Colon Cancer

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Signs of colon cancer are sometimes not related to cancer at all but sometimes they can lead to infection, and any other diseases that is probably not good for your body (like hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not pleasant for the body). Most people with one of these symptoms don’t have cancer. But, if you experienced any abnormalities regarding your colon, you should quickly go to your nearest medical instance in order to avoid further risk, especially colon cancer.

Symptoms related to colon cancer

Here are some signs that could lead into colon cancer:

  • A change in your stomach (the bowel specifically). With the change in your bowel, you would find you are more susceptible to constipation.

  • Your bowel is not relieved when you did something that should have been able to relieve it.

  • Bleeding….. in your butthole.

  • Bloody stools

  • Cramps in the stomach.

  • Exhaustion and lose of strength

  • A loss in weight. Being skinny is not always a plus.

These symptoms often occurred when the cancer cells in your colon have grown into something that is not pleasant. It is best to do medical check-up routinely in order to avoid such disease. Screening is a way to detect whether you have a colon cancer or not and it can be done when you have no symptoms at all. A good thing from screening is it can prevent colon cancer by way of removing that dangerous cell growth or polyp.

Sign of colon cancer pictures

Cancer? Can you tell me what is the cause of cancer?

When there is something suspicious found during screening test or your symptoms have a relation with that specific cancer, your lovely doctor will usually recommend you to do some tests and examinations to root out the cause.

First thing to do is to check your medical history and your family’s to know whether there are chances of colon cancer. 20% of colon cancer sufferer having one of their family members suffer from the disease too, especially your close kin and kin that are not that close. But most colon cancer is experienced by those who have no colon cancer in his/her family history.

Colon problems besides cancer can increase the chance to suffer from the disease. These colon problems are Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, polyps that can be a chance for cancer, and hereditary syndromes. Diabetes type 2 can also help increase the chance of having cancer.

Sign of colon cancer in dogs

In doing an examination that is physical, dear doctor would need to touch the abdomen of your body and do some examination on that body of yours. A blood test can also help you know whether you have a colon cancer or not. Other tests (colonoscopy or whatever its name, x-ray and CT scan) can also be recommended by your doctor. Biopsy is a treatment where you are highly suspected of having a colon cancer. The tissues (that are usually small), will be removed and then analyzed to find out if there are cancer cells or not.

Surgery, radiation treatment, chemical therapy, and other kind of therapies may be suggested by your doctor but the treatments will depend on how early the colon cancer is found. You should talk frankly to your doctor so the disease will be easily detected. Knowing signs of colon cancer will help you a lot to avoid further risk.

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