Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women: Cancer 101

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There are various symptoms of breast cancer in women. Breast cancer is a deadly disease that could kill the sufferer. Although it is deadly, if you know the symptoms or sign of the disease, you have a high chance to survive from breast cancer. You should know the symptoms of the disease in order to have earlier detection and save your life. Here are the symptoms of breast cancer in women for you.

Breast lump

A new lump or thickening in an area around your breast and armpit could be a sign of cancer. Usually it is followed by some pain if you press the lump. 90% of women have breast lump and they are safe from breast cancer. It is called benign lumps. You should check the breast lump to avoid further risk.

Change in size, shape or feel of a breast

If you suddenly see that your breast changed a bit in size or shape and feel anxious about it, you should go to the doctor. Breasts are tend to feel lumpy and tender before women’s period, but if you experienced this outside your period, you should be aware and consult it to your nearest medical instance.

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Breast pain

Breast pain is a common thing to be suffered by most women and usually it is not a cancer. You might experience pain in one or both breasts for a while and the pain usually will go away after some time. But, if the pain still there, you should go to your doctor to have further detail.

Skin changes

Redness, rash, dimpling, and puckering are the kinds of skin changes that could happen on your breasts’ skin. The skin changes can make your skin have a different texture and can be caused by other things than cancer. Relieve your anxiety by taking it to the doctor.

Change in the position of your nipple

Abnormalities of the position of your nipples may be the cause of breast cancer.

Fluid leaking from your nipple

Fluid leaking is dangerous especially for women who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. It is likely to be the cause of breast cancer or other medical conditions. You should go to the nearest medical instance to ensure that you are having a breast cancer or not.

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of breast cancer and has different symptoms to other types. The signs of the cancer are red, sore, and inflamed breasts. You might feel your breasts are harder and they look like orange peel. Go see doctor to have a detail about what causing the problems.

Paget’s disease of the breast

This rare skin condition could be a sign of breast cancer. Red and scaly rash often found in breast area. This area could be itchy and looks like eczema. Most women think that they are having eczema when these symptoms occur. Go see doctor to ensure yourself about what happened to your breasts.

By knowing various symptoms of breast cancer, you can have early treatments regarding your breasts’ health. Breast cancer is deadly and it is feared by most women around the globe. If you already know symptoms of breast cancer in women, you will know what to do and save your life from the danger of breast cancer.

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