Tests for Ovarian Cancer

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Tests for ovarian cancer should be done if someone has symptoms due to this kind of cancer. Seeing doctor is important thing to do since you will be examined by them. The tests for the cancer can be done in some ways.

Kinds of Test for Ovarian Cancer

Physical exam

To find the symptoms of ovarian cancer, the doctor will ask you to do physical exam and take your history. The symptoms itself can be ascites (fluid signs in the abdomen) and enlarged ovary. Some tests may be ordered by your doctor in order to check the cancer.

Specialist consultation

If the result of physical exam suggests that there is ovarian cancer, specialist of this cancer is needed. They can be gynecologic oncologists, specialists who are trained to treat female reproductive-related cancer. Their treatment will help you finding the best surgery to do for your cancer. Their treatment help the patient live longer. So, before deciding and doing surgery, the help of specialist is a must.

Imaging tests

There are some kind of imaging tests, including MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scans (computed tomography) and ultrasound.

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CT scan is kind of test with the use of x-ray and it produces images of your body (in form of cross-sectional). It is different from common x-ray since it rotates around your body and takes many pictures. It doesn’t show ovarian tumors in small form well. However, it is able to see tumor in larger size. It can also show the possibility the growing tumor in the surrounding structure, Kind of signs such as enlarged nodes of lymph, the spreading cancer to liver, kidneys, bladder, and other things.

MRI scans is different from CT scan. Its employee’s strong magnets and radio wave rather than x-ray. The radio waves energy is absorbed and released in form of pattern which is formed by tissue type or diseases. The pattern then is translated by the computer into a detailed part of body image. More than creating cross-sectional image, it is able to create parallel slices with the body length. It is often used to find ovarian cancer. This is very helpful way to examine the spinal cord and also the brain. The time needed may be longer than that of CT scans, approximately 30 minutes.

Tests for Ovarian Cancer detection


This is kind of way of finding out ovarian cancer through the use of sound wave which will create image. The image then is showed on a video screen. The work is done by releasing sound wave on the abdomen surface or in vagina from a probe (small). The echoes created by the waves then bounce back and the pattern of them is translated in the form of picture in a computer. It is useful to find the tumor and find out whether it is cyst or solid mass and its size. This kind of test is often done first if there are signs of ovarian cancer.

Other Tests for Ovarian Cancer

Other forms of the tests are blood tests, biopsy (the process of removing growth sample from suspicious place/area and examining the growth), colonoscopy (examining colon), or laparoscopy (light tube-equipped procedure. If you have sign of ovarian cancer, be quick to do tests for ovarian cancer.

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