What is Leukemia Cancer?

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What is Leukemia Cancer? This is kind of life-threatening cancer which attacks white blood cells or bone marrow. Someone who has this kind of cancer will suffer from blood cells production which is abnormal. The name comes from leukos (white) and aima (blood) in Greek. It happens when immature blood cells DNA becomes damaged. It causes the cells of bloods to grow.

Furthermore, they will continuously divide. Eventually, blood cells which are healthy will die and replaced by new, damaged cells. The new blood cells will not die when the cells have to instead they are accumulating, and occupying space. The more production of cancer cells, the more the healthy white blood growth and function will be impeded. The good cells then are crowded out by the bad cells.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Symptoms

There are some symptoms of leukemia cancers. The symptoms may show that someone has leukemia. They are poor blood clotting, affected immune system, anemia, weight loss, and fever, nausea, bone pain, and other symptoms.

Poor blood clotting

Since the blood platelets (important for blood clotting) are crowded out by white blood cells which are immature, someone who has leukemia cancer will easily bleed or bruise. Furthermore, the bleed will heal slowly.

What is Leukemia Cancer survival rate

Weakening Immune system

Since blood cells are important part of body defense again infection, the immune system will be affected by the cancer. They will not work properly.


Anemia happens if red blood cells get shortage, which will happen if someone has leukemia. It also may lead to dyspnea and pallor.

All those symptoms can be the symptoms of leukemia. However, medical tests are needed to be carried out to confirm the leukemia diagnosis.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Different Types

Leukemia has many different types. Basically they are grouped into two, lymphocytic leukemia and myelogenous leukemia. Lymphocytic leukemia is kind of leukemia which is developed from marrow which makes lymphocyte(s), while myelogenous leukemia occurs when the cancer occurs in abnormal myeloid stem cells. Lymphocytic leukemia consists of two sub-groups: acute lymphocytic leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

What is Leukemia Cancer caused by

Myelogenous leukemia itself divides into two kinds, acute myelogenous leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia. The difference between acute and chronic is based on the time taken by leukemia to grow or develop. The acute leukemia is kind of cancers that start and develop within weeks or, even, days. Chronic leukemia, in the other hand, is kind of leukemia which develop slower than that of acute leukemia. They develop over some months or, years.

What is Leukemia Cancer? Treatments

Leukemia is a dangerous disease. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society recorded that 60.140 people in 2016 were attacked by the cancer. To get the most efficient and effective treatment, see the doctors; they will treat the patient of leukemia based on the types of leukemia, since leukemia has various types which will affect differently to the patients. The patient should be regularly checked by the doctors. Leukemia is kind of disease which can be healed so the patient need to be supported. If someone has already known what is leukemia cancer and if they feel the symptoms, they should take the action early.

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