Men’s Health: What Causes Prostate Cancer?

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A lot of people may be confused because they are thinking about what causes prostate cancer. There is no exact cause of prostate cancer. But, some researcher already found some risk factors that could lead into prostate cancer. Here is some things you should know about the causes of prostate cancer.

What Causes Prostate Cancer in male

Inherited gene mutations

Gene mutations have a chance to be passed on to the next generation and could be found in all cells in the body. These are inherited mutations. The inherited gene changes is one of the cause of prostate cancers about 5% to 10%.  Hereditary prostate cancer has been linked to several inherited mutated genes, including:

RNASEL or HPC1 cells have been functioned as tumor suppressor gene. It helps to eliminate cells when something goes wrong inside them. The inherited mutations of this gene may increase the chance of prostate cancer because it can make abnormal cells live longer than they should.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are tumor suppressor genes that normally help repair mistakes in a cell’s DNA or cause the cell to die if the mistake can’t be fixed. The inherited mutations in these genes are commonly caused by breast and ovarian cancer in women. Changes of these genes, especially BRCA2, may lead someone to experience prostate cancer.

What Causes Prostate Cancer to spread

DNA mismatch repair genes like MSH2 and MLH1 normally help to fix mistakes or mismatches in DNA when there is a process of cell dividing. This mistakes could happen because cells must take a new copy of their DN before they divide and it is happen in every dividing process. The inherited mutation of these genes, especially on men, will make them to suffer from Lynch syndrome or hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer or HNPCC. It also increases the risk of colorectal, prostate, and some other cancers.

HOXB13 is important in prostate gland’s development. Early prostate cancer (prostate cancer diagnosed at a young age) in some families is the cause of mutations in this gene. Fortunately, mutation of HOXB13 gene is rare.

Acquired gene mutations

Some genes mutations could happen during a lifetime and are not passed down to the next generation. Original mutated cell is the cause of these change because the mutated cells are originated from it. This mutations is also known as acquired mutations. Most prostate cancer is caused by gene mutations related to the disease during a man’s life rather than inherited by previous generation.

What Causes Prostate Cancer a brief summary of the epidemiology

When a cell divides into two, it must copy its DNA. AN error may occur during the process and leaving defective DNA in the new cell. This DNA change has no specific cause and might be caused by random event. Influence by other factors such as diet and hormone levels may contribute to these change of DNA. Because of this, anything that makes the dividing process faster could lead to prostate cancer. Exposed to radiation or cancer-causing chemicals can cause DNA mutations in multiple organs. But, those factors are not fully proven to be the main cause of prostate cancer.

One of prostate cancer’s cause is gene mutations. But, there are also other causes that can lead you to suffer from prostate cancer. You need to search and learn more about what causes prostate cancer in order to avoid this hazardous disease.

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